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Modern relay protection

RELAY PROTECTION Engineering Complex

The division is equipped with state-of-the-art automated SMC assembly complex, printed assembly shops, finished product testing facilities; special testing and manufacturing equipment.

RELAY PROTECTION Engineering Complex was founded in 2011 when core CHEAZ design and manufacturing departments  were merged to develop a range of microprocessor-based and digital protection devices.

Development of relay protection devices at CHEAZ began in  2004 году. Nowadays the department deals in designing and manufacturing of: 

  • MP based protection devices
  • panels with MP based protection devices
  • outdoor panels
  • power supply units
  • arc protection units.

Relay protection devices are in demand in energy sector, oil and gas industries, in marine and river transport, etc. The modifications of  protection devices comply with the unified standard for digital substations IEC 61850 and RMRS requirements.

General Manager of the RELAY PROTECTION Engineering Complex - Varganov Petr

Phone: (8352) 39-59-12

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