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Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant

CHEAZ Group is ready to solve complex tasks on construction and reconstruction of power distribution systems from designing to commissioning of the facilities.

In-house manufacturing facilities, engineering potential, agreements with foreign and domestic suppliers, branch offices in federal districts of the Russian Federation allow CHEAZ Group to participate in major construction projects.

Our mission is to maintain leadership in retrofit of Russian enterprises with domestic electrical engineering equipment.

Power and reliability is our contribution to the development of Russian economy. Renovation and upgrading of electrical grid facilities, startup of new stations and power units will require much work from Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment.

Today CHEAZ Group is ready to offer a full range of services within investment and construction projects of power facilities: design, development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Special enterprises within CHEAZ Group have all necessary resources for each stage.

Collaboration of enterprises in CHEAZ Group is dictated by the modern times. Their consolidation leads to mutual benefits through reducing overall costs, enhancing product competitiveness and strengthening their market positions.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mikhail Shurdov

With us you will get

  • high quality reliable and easy-to-use equipment
  • consultations from qualified specialists concerning project specific issues and maintenance
  • prompt decisions
  • mutually beneficial payment terms
  • execution of orders of any complexity
  • warranty maintenance and service.

Major business areas

  • Designing of power supply systems for industrial and power engineering facilities
  • Manufacture of electrical equipment for low, medium and high voltage
  • Installation, commissioning, warranty maintenance of the supplied equipment
  • Turnkey solutions for construction of energy facilities

CHEAZ Quality Management System complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015. CHEAZ Group is accredited by such companies as Transneft, Rosneft, Gazprom, Rosenergoatom, FSK EES, etc.

The efficiency of collaboration within CHEAZ Group of Companies is proved bу execution of complex projects.

We aim at long-lasting cooperation with our partners on mutually beneficial terms in all business areas.


tel .: +7 (8352) 39-57-91
tel .: +7 (8352) 39-56-90
fax: +7 (8352) 62-72-31
tel .: +7 (495) 660-31-00
fax: +7 (495) 660-21-38
tel .: +7 (8352) 39-57-41
tel .: +7 (8352) 62-38-74
tel .: +7 (3842) 58-01-18, 58-17-68
fax: +7 (3842) 58-01-11, 58-44-91
ERA Engineering
tel .: +7 (812) 633-36-46
tel .: +7 (812) 633-36-47
tel .: +7 (83540) 2-56-49, 2-56-61
tel .: +7 (83540) 2-56-63, 2-52-81


Northwest Office
тел.: +7-961-346-99-38
тел.: +7-911-954-45-05
Rostov office
тел.: +7-928-213-74-39
Baikal Representation
tel .: + 7-902-515-53-76
Samara Representation
tel .: +7-960-302-40-26
tel .: + 7-963-912-70-63