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Care for the environment

Green Production

We acknowledge the importance and complexity of environmental issues of the present time and take care to create a safe environment for future generations, therefore we implement the concept of Green Production.

Green production means application of comprehensive preventive and conservation strategies for processes, products and services in order to increase eco- efficiency and reduce social and environmental risks. Implementation of this concept is achieved by ecological monitoring of the enterprise, which consists of 5 levels:

  1. Quality control of incoming raw materials.
  2. Production cycle monitoring (at each process stage - control of emissions, discharges, waste, resource intensity, energy consumption, land consumption, etc.).
  3. End-of-pipe control – MPE, WGDLP, compliance with analytical control schedules.
  4. Pollution control at the boundary of sanitary protection zone  (flare  emission).
  5. Pollution control in residential areas.

The first four levels of monitoring are carried out by in-house services, the fifth level is performed at the permanent monitoring posts of the State Committee for Hydrometeorology, monitoring in residential areas is performed by specialists of Rospotrebnadzor Office for the Chuvash Republic.

One of the tools to achieve the set goals in energy saving, environment footprint reduction, health and safety of personnel is Environment Management System.