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Mission - Leadership in the re-equipment of Russia by domestic electrical engineering

Quality management policy

Our mission is to maintain leadership in retrofit of Russian enterprises with domestic electrical engineering equipment.

The key element of CHEAZ activities is to meet the requirements and demands of our customers and to make profit for further development. 

Effectiveness of quality improvement measures is increased through:

  • responsibility of the management and each employee to customers and consumers for the quality of products and achievement of the set quality objectives;
  • provision of equipment, qualified personnel, all necessary resources for production and maintenance and their lean use at all stages of product life cycle in order to increase customer satisfaction and confidence in continuous improvement of the company's reputation as a reliable and honest supplier;
  • measures to ensure the quality of products and compliance with all specified requirements;
  • analysis of the results of external and internal audits and preventive measures that improve the effectiveness of quality management system;
  • development of new types of products, introduction of new technologies with consideration of the customers' requirements and regulations;
  • mutually beneficial relations with suppliers of products and services to make sure that the purchased products and services meet the established quality requirements;
  • high quality training for the workforce and providing opportunities for upgrading of qualifications in quality, health and safety;
  • monitoring of customers’ satisfaction in order to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

The company's management is sure that only the quality management system which is functioning effectively can be the basis for continuous improvement of CHEAZ performance and encourages the whole team to implement quality assurance policy.


Main objectives

  • to meet the requirements of the customers to the quality of products and to ensure compliance of the products with regulations and state standards by upgrading of the products;
  • to develop and introduce 7 new products with a higher quality level;
  • to keep the non-conformance level in production within the limits reached in the previous period;
  • to ensure engagement (loyalty) of the personnel at the level not less than 80% and to ensure competency at the required level through training of not less than 75% of average staff number;
  • to ensure end user's satisfaction at not less than 65%;
  • to ensure compliance of the Quality Management System  with GOST ISO 9001, GOST R ISO 14001 and GOST RV 0015-002 requirements.

The objectives are achieved through implementation of

  • the Plan for technical re-equipment of production facilities, workshops and services;
  • the Plan of product quality improvement activities;
  • Integrated Information System and CAD system Activities;
  • the Schedule for production of new products;
  • training programs for employees.