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CHEAZ Group History

CHEAZ products were in demand at all times in development of our country. Our products helped the Soviet Army to conquer Hitlerite Germany and to restore the battered energy system.

During Soviet five-year plans CHEAZ supplied relay protection devices to almost all enterprises of energy sector in the Soviet Union. Nowadays as one of the leading panel builders in Russia, CHEAZ provides equipment for reliable performance of oil and gas sector both in our country and abroad.

  • In 1888 on the basis of merchant workshops in Riga Russian-Baltic Electro technical Plant is founded (1898 - UNION electrical company, 1904 - German company AEG, 1905 - Russian Universal Electrical Company).

  • In 1915 Universal Electrical Company is relocated to Kharkov. In 1917 it is named Electrosila – 1 plant. In 1925 a state-owned enterprise Kharkov Electromechanical Plant is formed.

  • Several workshops and a part of the staff from Kharkov Electromechanical Plant (477 employees, among them 445 highly qualified workers) are evacuated to Cheboksary. Here, Special Equipment Plant No. 654 is founded. On December 8, 1941 the factory produces and sends to the front the first products for tanks, airplanes and navy.

  • Production of wiring accessories. Manufacture of protection and automation devices to recover the power system in the country.

  • A team of design engineers headed by A.M. Bresler develops a KRS-121 set, the first relay for HV transmission lines protection; the relay is known as Bresler relay.

  • For successful fulfillment of the government's task to equip aviation and tank industry the plant is awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

  • Manufacture of semiconductor-based protection devices; production of control gear and electric drives. International markets: in 1956 CHEAZ supplies new products in tropical export modification for Bhilai Steel Plant in India.

  • On the basis of CHEAZ the Electrotechnical Research Institute (CHETNII) is founded; later it is renamed into VNIIR (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Relay Engineering).

  • Equipment for Kuybyshev Hydroelectric Station (Kuybyshev GES) is developed and produced and Kuybyshev - Moscow TL is built. In 1964 CHEAZ chief engineer A. Buyvolov within USSR Ministry of Energy group (total 18 people) is awarded the Lenin Prize.

  • A relay protection package is supplied for Aswan Hydroelectric Station in Egypt.

  • In 1971 the plant is awarded the Order of the October Revolution for early execution of the five-year plan and successful development of new low-voltage products. CHEAZ becomes the main manufacturer of variable electric drives, low-voltage assemblies, relay protection and emergency control systems, heavy duty low-voltage equipment in the USSR. Production of microelectronic devices.

  • New electrical devices are developed and manufactured: Pre-fabricated transformer substations for industrial enterprises, pumps control stations for oil production, sets of electrical equipment for gas-pumping aggregates. Manufacturing of high-voltage equipment is launched. Development and production of microprocessor-based protection relays and devices (BEMP). Launch of modular low-voltage switchgear production.

  • Large export shipments of equipment for Yusufiyah TPP (Irak) and OBRA TPP (India). Successful launch of modular pre-fabricated transformer substations.

  • Setup of Relay Protection engineering complex. Development and production of a next-generation BEMP RU-TT device. Quality Management System is certified for compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Russian Register. Vandal- proof modular-substations are developed. In 2010 CHEAZ products receive positive reviews from FSK EES and MRSK attestation commission.

  • A large-scale modernization of production facilities is carried out, funds are allocated for development of new products, and the enterprise receives a federal R&D grant (VFD).

  • In 2013 a Resource Centre is formed to train the workforce for the needs of the factory.

  • In 2014 the Russian Maritime Register for Shipping (RMRS) certifies 6(10) kV switchgear (KNV-10М) for application in ships and floating platforms.

  • In 2014 CHEAZ is listed in the National Register of defense industry enterprises - Leading industrial enterprises of Russia.

  • In 2015 the Department of electrotechnical equipment and systems is founded in the Chuvash State University.

  • Innovative enterprise management system is formed on the basis of engineering complexes in different business areas: Relay Protection, Shield Engineering complex, Recont Engineering complex, Drives Technologies.

  • Products in marine execution are supplied to three nuclear ice-breakers (known as project 22220) – Arktika, Sibir and Ural, to LSP-2 ice-resistant fixed platform in Filanovsky oilfield and other sites.

  • Within the framework of the cooperation agreement with HYUNDAI ELECTRIC low-voltage circuit breakers are produced.

  • CHEAZ signs the agreement with Skolkovo Foundation about creation of a partnership center in Skolkovo.

  • BEMP RU protection devices are certified for compliance with international IEC 61850 standard.