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The representatives of OME Electric Motors (Italy) visited CHEAZ

08 june 2018, 07:51 | Category: 2018

OME Electric Motors produces a range of motors (from asynchronous to permanent magnet) and generators which are supplied to different countries globally. The fact that such developed countries as Germany and the USA are among OME Motors customers proves high quality of the products. The range of products includes pump motors and generators therefore the guests were interested in manufacture of related products at CHEAZ. CHEAZ has a high level of competence in manufacture of motors and frequency converters and it is a full-scale research and production complex. Technical capabilities starting from metalwork and to creation of intelligent devices were presented during a tour of factory facilities.

Andrea Orsatti, OME General manager for business development , highly praised the potential of the oldest Russian enterprise in electrical engineering:

«I'm impressed by the size of the factory, the quality of the products and turnkey solutions for major customers. I didn't think that there are such factories in Russia and I'm quite impressed».

Foreign partners consider CHEAZ potential and its position on the market of electrical engineering as a great opportunity to start collaboration and find new markets. Following negotiations which lasted several months and today's meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

Published on: 08.06.2018 | Updated on: 15.06.2018 | Views: 1486

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