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The winners and runners-up of the Hope of Electrical Engineering of Chuvashia Olympiad

Hope of Electrical Engineering of Chuvashia determined the winners

15 april 2018, 18:02 | Category: 2018

In CHEAZ Resource center the award ceremony for the winners and runners-up of the Hope of Electrical Engineering of Chuvashia Olympiad was held on April 11.

A competition of engineering talents as a joint project of CHEAZ, Chuvash State University and Cheboksary Electromechanical College (CHEMK) was held for the first time 4 years ago. Gifted students from three educational institutions took part in it. Since then the geography of the Olympiad has expanded, and NPP EKRA became one of sponsors. The number of students willing to take part in the competition rises every year. More than 200 high-school and CHEMK students took part in the Hope of Electrical Engineering of Chuvashia Olympiad in 2017; in 2018 this number rose to 400. For the first time ninethgraders were allowed to take part in it this year.

Andrey Aleksandrov, the rector of Chuvash State University, addressed the students with a keynote speech and introduced the 2016 winners and runners-up – Karpova Nadezhda, Sinina Maria (both students of Lyceum №3) and Alekseev Anatoly from Tsivilsk school №1. Today they are second-year students at Chuvash State University where they continue to study well and are socially active.

Roman Nikulin, CHEAZ CEO, encouraged the schoolchildren to follow their example – to study and work in Chuvashia. 'We have many strong enterprises, Cheboksary is well-known in Russia as the center of electrical engineering and relay protection, we can provide work for you and during your studies we'll support you and pay grants' – he said.

Vladimir Kovalev, the Head of the Energy and Electrical Engineering Department, expressed the same opinion. He is sure that Chuvash State University can compete in certain training courses with major Russian universities. 'Both scientific research and manufacturing facilities are concentrated in our region. Collaboration between educational institutions, engineering enterprises and the government of the republic have a common goal - to train specialists capable of maintaining the process and developing new products' - he remarked. According to his words lately there's been a tendency among many students from Cheboksary who entered Moscow universities to continue their studies in Chuvash State University.

As Daria Troeshestova, the Head of the Science and Methodical Centre of Youth Research, explained the tasks in Olympiad-2018, as usual, were industry-specific but this year they were especially challenging. Nevertheless four contestants managed to get 90 points out of 100. They are Tolkachev Alexander (9th grade, Lyceum №3, Cheboksary), Grigoriev Grigory (third year student, CHEMK);  among eleven-graders Myasnikov Maxim (Lyceum №4, Cheboksary) and Pavel Zotov (Gymnasium №1, Cheboksary) showed the best results.

Maxim Myasnikov, who was the runner-up at Hope of Electrical Engineering of Chuvashia in 2017, rose to a higher level this year. He said that diligent studies with the tutor and independent study of textbooks helped him to win. "I realized that I was interested in physics and mathematics when I was in the 5th grade, and I think that my teachers –Butina Elena and  Kotelnikova Marina helped me to realize that' - said the winner. (By the way, the sponsors of the Olympiad announced at the award ceremony that next year they plan to establish a grant for the teachers of the best participants). Maxim's parents, Alexander and Galina Myasnikov, work at CHEAZ and encourage his interests. The young man has become a prizewinner of the republican Olympiad in astronomy for the second time this year; he is also the winner of the International Ural Physics Contest.  

The first seven winners and runners-up, students of 10th and 11th grades traditionally were awarded with certificates. This document grants the right to CHEAZ-sponsored education and a scholarship from CHEAZ BOD Chairman Mikhail  Shurdov  for 4 years of  bachelor degree  studies if they enter one of the departments of Chuvash State University (mechanical engineering, energy and electrical engineering, computer science).  NPP EKRA offers similar advantages to the best of the best. Before enrollment campaign starts, the winners of Hope of Electrical Engineering of Chuvashia Olympiad will have to make one of the important decisions in life.

Published on: 15.04.2018 | Updated on: 04.05.2018 | Views: 853

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