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CHEAZ specialists to launch production of miniature electromechanical relay

20 march 2020, 15:27 | Category: 2020

High-speed reed relay, RPG-40 series, is designed for use in relay protection and emergency control to switch loads in DC/AC circuits. The operating principle is based on the properties of reed switches - electrical switches operated by an applied magnetic field.

The relays are small and lightweight which allows for  highly dense assembly during manufacture of electronic devices.

The main features of these relays include short response time (up to 3 ms) and fast tripping (up to 0.3 ms). It allows to use the relays as transistors. They can switch up to 1000 V (peak) (100 V for RPG-42). Maximum switching current is 1A (peak) (3A for RPG-42). The rated voltage of the coil is 12 V DC.

The range of operating ambient temperature is from -40 to +85 °C. Weight – 10 g.

Please, follow the link to see detailed specifications.

CHEAZ guarantees uninterrupted operation of the relay for the entire service life.

RECONT Engineering Complex

RECONT Engineering Complex manufactures low voltage devices: contactors and relays. This is one of the basic business areas for CHEAZ.

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Published on: 20.03.2020 | Updated on: 20.03.2020 | Views: 806

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