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Pre-fabricated modular enclosures

Nowadays pre-fabricated modular buildings from sandwich panels are widely used in power generation, oil and other industries.

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  • reduced time for mounting or repair of buildings;
  • construction may be performed in all seasons regardless of ambient temperature;
  • efficient heat insulation;
  • eco-efficiency, high hygienic characteristics, safety;
  • no additional load on the foundation;
  • transportability;
  • no extra civil engineering;
  • efficient sound proofing;
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals or biological factors (mold fungus);
  • reduced price compared to traditional buildings (bricks, concrete, wood).


CHEAZ started developing and producing of modular pre-fabricated transformer substations on December 17, 2004. Average production volume is 1000 modules per year.

A wide range of buildings have been developed and produced since that time:

  • 6-10 kV  transformer substations up to 3150 kVA, including  kiosk substations up to 2500 kVA (metal-clad);
  • transformer substation for submersible pumps;
  • 6-10 kV indoor switchgear;
  • Control houses for 35-110 kV substations;
  • 0,4 kV switchgear modules;
  • Control house modules for oil pipeline facilities.

State-of-the-art software is used for designing.

Modular structure enables construction of buildings of various overall dimensions. CHEAZ has experience in delivery of buildings with dimensions up to 16,5 m x 45 m (total area up to до 742,5 m2), consisting of up to 41 modules.

Buildings are made up of transportable pre-fabricated modules with equipment installed. The overall dimensions of the modules meet the allowed dimensions of transport facilities in use in the Russian Federation.

Final assembly of buildings is performed at the site. It includes coupling of pre-fabricated modules and equipment, mounting of access boards and stairs.

Insulation and packing of joints is performed with provided components according to the installation directions.

The metal frame and footing of the modules are welded; they enable installation and fastening of equipment and sustain transportation and operating impacts.

Outer walls and roof of the module are made of three-layer (sandwich) panels with mineral wool heat insulation (environmentally friendly flame retardant material), lined with galvanized steel and covered with polymer coating or paint. Steel thickness – 0,7 mm, zinc coat - not less than 275 g/m2 on both sides.

Depending on the project requirements cable feedthrough in the footing, walls or roof may be provided. In case of overhead entry a pole or tower may be used. The pole is designed to enable connection to OHL from any side of the building, as the crossarm is rotating and the rotating step is 45°.

All other components have corrosion resistant coating. Upon customer's request anticorrosion treatment of outdoor steel structures can be performed with ZINOTAN (polyurethane primer with up to 95% of zinc). To enhance zinc coating service life it can be covered with Polyton-UR enamel, it provides protection of steel against corrosion in mildly aggressive environment (according to SNIP 2.03.11-85) in moderate climate up to 15 years.

All buildings are provided with station service equipment: HVAC, lightning, security and fire alarm according to the requirements, it ensures continuous unmanned operation.

All modular buildings by CHEAZ are intended for operation in moderate cold climate (UHL 1 according to GOST 15150) out of doors in all seasons nationwide. The service life of modular buildings is not less than 30 years (subject to timely maintenance or replacement of equipment according to the corresponding user manuals).


Инженерно-производственный комплекс «ЩИТ»

Производственный комплекс проводит полный цикл работ от проектирования и конструирования до производства, сборки, поставки и монтажа электрощитового оборудования самого высокого качества с последующим сервисным обслуживанием на объектах энергосистем.

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