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Instrumentation and control equipment

Instrumentation and automation systems have an important role in any industrial enterprise. Therefore, professional installation of instrumentation and automation equipment is one of the most important steps in the design and start-up of a production facility.

CHEAZ specialists perform a full range of works necessary for operation of automation equipment:

  • site review, terms of reference, plan for implementation of control system;
  • development of design solutions, design and technological packages;
  • production, assembly and shipment of automation panels;
  • software development;
  • installation of automation and control panels, routing for control and measuring cables and wires, installation of operator panels and devices;
  • adjustment, test run, commissioning of instrumentation and control systems;
  • training for the Customer's operating personnel, a complete package of operational documentation;
  • warranty and after-sales maintenance.

  Process automation is one of the important aspects for any enterprise, which entails:

  • monitoring of equipment and process parameters (automatic and remote start and shutdown of equipment);
  • efficiency of collecting and processing information for monitoring and decision-making by operational and dispatching personnel ;
  • on-line detection of pre-emergency and emergency situations with warning and emergency signaling (sound, light and text messages);
  • reliable and trouble-free operation of process equipment.