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CHEAZ, AO offers subscription service for the range of produced goods.

Subscription includes:

  • Initial supply of product catalogues with brief technical data for the following  CHEAZ businesses:
    • protection relays and protection devices - BKZhI.640043.003;
    • control relays - BKZhI.640043.004;
    • contactors - BKZhI.640043.002;
    • low-voltage switchgear - BKZhI.650043.001;
    • electric drives - BKZhI.650043.004.

It is possible to provide services in certain fields that are interesting to the subscriber.

  • Confirmation of the catalogues validity (once per year).
  • Supplements and amendments to catalogues and brief data on new products; in case of significant changes supply of new catalogue release (once per year).
  • Supply of information on subscriber's request - brief description or product certificate with detailed data, overall and mounting dimensions, block diagrams (within one month from the date of request).
  • Supply of full technical descriptions for product setup and adjustment on subscriber's request at extra charge.
  • Reference information, tel. (8352) 39-54-36, business days from 8 am till 4 pm, break from 12 pm to 1 pm.

After confirmation you will be provided free subscription service.

To improve our information system, we ask you:

  • to confirm necessity of information supply
  • to give your feedback concerning adequacy of supplied information
  • to provide your address card and specify your line of business
  • to specify the product range used in your solutions
  • to provide contact details of the person in charge of the records

We are ready to consider your ideas to improve our information system.

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