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Transmission Networks


Relay protection and automation

Electromechanical and electronic relays for 0,4 – 1150 kV

  • current relays
  • voltage relays
  • time delay relay
  • intermediate relays
  • power monitoring relays

Protection and automation units, sets and devices

  • generator, transformer and line protection units, sets and devices
  • power supply, charging, testing and filter units

Protection and automation systems

SHM and PM panels with BEMP units

  • Line protection panels and breakers control automation for 110-220 kV (SHMZL/PMZL);
  • Phase differential protection panels for 110-220 kV lines (SHMDFZ/PMDFZ);
  • Transformer protection panels and breakers control automation (SHMZT/PMZT);
  • Tap changer panels (SHMRN/PMRN)
  • Busbar protection panels (SHMZSH/PMZSH);
  • Central alarm panel (SHMCS/PMCS);
  • Load shedding and automation panels (SHMCHR)
  • Interlocking panels (SHMOB);

Protection panels with electromechanical and electronic devices

  • Line protection panels
  • Transformer and autotransformer protection panels
  • Busbar protection panels
  • Automation panels
  • Breaker failure protection panels
  • Automatic reclosing panel
  • Alarm panel

Installation and commissioning


  • Roslyakovskaya Substation
  • 500/220/10 kV Nizhegorodskaya Substation