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Reliability in operation, safety in service

RECONT Engineering Complex

RECONT Engineering Complex manufactures low voltage devices: contactors and relays. This is one of the basic business areas for CHEAZ.

RECONT Engineering Complex manufactures low voltage devices: contactors and relays. This is one of the basic business areas for CHEAZ. It provides CHEAZ made low voltage devices for switchgear production. Devices for heavy duty with DC control circuits traditionally had a special place in the range of CHEAZ products. MK contactors and RE10 relays are among them. MK contactors are produced to control DC and AC motors. When RE10 relay was introduced CHEAZ retained production of REV 800 relay which has similar application. There are special modifications of contactors that can be used on rolling stock and railway transport. From a range of КТ 6000 contactors CHEAZ manufactures contactors for 630 and 1000 A with DC and AC control circuits.

A new area for CHEAZ is development and production of vacuum contactors for currents of 160, 250, 400 and 630A. Reliable operation, safe maintenance, small dimensions set apart vacuum contactors from their electromagnetic counterparts.

General purpose REP15 and REP18 intermediate relays with DC and AC control circuits produced by CHEAZ are widely used in switchgears. REP15 relay in combination with a semiconductor unit is used as a time delay relay.

PM12-040 starter that is used for asynchronous motor control is also widely used.

CHEAZ produces pushbutton switches that are used for pushbutton controllers.

CHEAZ also produces and supplies devices of enhanced reliability with reduced dimensions and weight if compared to general purpose devices, they are intended for application in environments with different climatic, mechanical and other impacts. RNE relays, KNE U, KNI, TKD501DOD, TKS601DOD, KM-600D-V contactors and AZS protection devices are among them.

In general, the technical policy  in the field of instrumentation is aimed at enhancing of the technical level of these products and expanding the range in order to fully equip switchgear production with CHEAZ made low voltage devices.

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Complex`s News

20 march 2020, 15:27

CHEAZ specialists to launch production of miniature electromechanical relay

High-speed reed relay, RPG-40 series, is designed for use in relay protection and emergency control to switch loads in DC/AC circuits. The operating principle is based on the properties of reed switches - electrical switches operated by an applied magnetic…

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