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Working for the future

10 september 2018, 08:19 | Category: 2018

Representatives from LUKOIL and regional offices of LUKOIL Energy Grid came with working visit to CHEAZ on August 14. During the three-day program the delegation visited several enterprises of the Electrical cluster of Chuvash Republic.

The guests are well acquainted with CHEAZ products.  LUKOIL has been using both CHEAZ relay protection equipment and LV switchgear in their projects almost in all regions of Russia. “The only exception is Kaliningrad region”, remarked Evgeny Frolov, the head of LUKOIL energy efficiency department, “Our delegation today consists mainly of engineering personnel from regional offices, they will have an excellent opportunity to talk directly to developers and technical specialist from CHEAZ.”

Over 80% of energy facilities even today have electromechanical protection relays. LUKOIL representatives are interested in state-of-the-art products but it's wrong to underestimate time-tested solutions. CHEAZ can meet the customers' needs in this business area. The guests were convinced of that when they visited RECONT Engineering Division. Nowadays it manufactures over 50 thousand items of electromechanical relays which are considered to be the most reliable protection devices.

“Our TPP was built in 1936 and we have CHEAZ relay protection equipment which was produced in 1970-80, it still works without failures. We are planning a refurbishment, and consider this visit as a very good opportunity to get more closely acquainted with CHEAZ”, said Ruslan Uzdenov, deputy maintenance manager from LUKOIL Energy Grid.

CHEAZ presented their modern developments in relay protection. Since 2004 CHEAZ has been manufacturing microprocessor-based relay protection devices which are used nowadays in traditional and digital substations. The delegation had a tour of the facilities where production and assembly of switchgear and converters is carried out; saw the possibilities of CHEAZ test center which makes it possible to deliver prefabricated products to customers. The enterprise is always ready to offer traditional, unified or special solutions. Customers highly appreciate this flexible approach aimed first of all to meet all their needs. 

“In spite of the fact that LUKOIL has been implementing our products for a long time, for many members of the delegation it was the first visit to our enterprise”, said Alexey Gavrilov, deputy general manager of Relay Protection Engineering Division, “What was previously presented many times by our specialists in the form of advertising booklets and catalogs  today was presented in real life: the guests saw how protection devices were manufactured, made sure that our technologies meet the necessary standards and that our production, scientific and technical base allow us to produce high-end intelligent equipment.”

LUKOIL representatives consider high competition among manufacturers of electrical products in Cheboksary as an excellent environment that helps them to maintain high quality of products. And this, indeed, is the right framework to use them in future projects.

Published on: 10.09.2018 | Updated on: 23.11.2018 | Views: 888

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