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Ferghana (Uzbekistan)

CHEAZ announces formation of a new company CHEAZ-AZIYA

21 february 2019, 10:51 | Category: 2019

CHEAZ extends collaboration with Central Asian Republics: a new company CHEAZ-AZIYA has been formed in Ferghana (Uzbekistan) to develop and saturate the market of Central Asia with CHEAZ goods.

Central Asian republics are a promising market for Russian electrical enterprises. The national programs for development of oil and gas and energy industries aim to increase production capacity.  Upgrading of distribution networks creates a favorable investment environment and high potential for development in the regions. 

CHEAZ has extensive experience in the supply of equipment to the energy facilities in Central Asia. The cooperation that started during the Soviet period is now getting a second wind. A CHEAZ enterprise in the territory of southern republics will allow to present latest products and capabilities and promote CHEAZ as a large engineering company that is able to execute turnkey projects. CHEAZ will be able to offer to potential customers the best range of goods for urgent repairs, advice and technical support from the manufacturer.

Together with trade partnership we plan to provide training and retraining for personnel of electrical engineering industry in Central Asia. CHEAZ continues collaboration with Chuvash State University and their joint educational programs help to study the features of new equipment manufactured by CHEAZ and improve the skills of specialists in the energy sector. A new system of knowledge and information will contribute to further development, energy security, improved energy efficiency of enterprises in the region.

Published on: 21.02.2019 | Updated on: 28.10.2021 | Views: 910

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